Monday, October 8, 2012

Al Gores Buddy John Seigenthaler (of the 1st Amendment Center) Encouraged New Tennessean Editor Maria De Varenne to Use Fancy Law Firm "Waller" to Bully Whistleblower Who Exposed Green Fraud...

After Getting this letter Sharyn Bovat immediately contacted a Gannett executive in Mclean and was told to "disregard" the letter.   

"I  want Gannett to restore my reputation after the vicious attacks made to my character by people associated with John Seigenthaler....."  Sharyn Bovat

Later Sharyn learned Seigenthaler was behind the attack on her 1st Amendment Rights.
Sharyn Bovat belives that the center Seigenthaler is associated with should NO LONGER be considered a "charity" since they do more harm to society than good.

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